What is Free Betting?

Perhaps you have been searching for an online betting site, and you have come across mentions of “free betting.” You might be inclined to wonder if it is possible that such a thing exists, and pleasantly surprised to learn that the answer is “Yes!”

The concept of free betting is as simple as its name implies; it allows you to place a bet without paying any fees to the bookie, or betting company. Of course, it is wise to read the fine print, as in some cases a certain number of free bets are given only as an introductory offer, after which time a per-bet fee will apply.

The parameters for free betting offers will vary from company to company so, again, you will need to read the limitations or provisions for the particular online bookie that you are dealing with. For example, some sites offer free bets only on certain types of events, or award them after you have placed a number of fee-based bets.

The process for placing a free bet online is essentially the same as for any other type of bet, with the exception of the payment process. In order to claim your free bet, you may need to enter an online code that is given to you at the time of site registration, or emailed to you at a later time. Other sites allow you to simply choose any bet among those listed on a “free betting” menu.

Of course, it is important to remember that even when you are placing a free bet, your money is still at risk, just as it would be in any fee-based betting situation. The reason that online bookies offer free bet deals is to attract new customers to their site, or to encourage continued and higher value bets from their current customers. So, basically, it is a relatively cheap form of advertising for them, and they are counting on you sticking around to use their services even after you’ve exhausted your free betting funds. While placing bets can be an enjoyable and exhilirating pastime, it is a good idea to set personal limits on the amount of money that you have available to spend on this potentially expensive hobby.

How to Place A Free Bet

Once you understand the basic precepts of placing a bet, claiming an online free bet is a simple process.

1) First, you will want to locate the best online betting site for your needs. There are numerous websites that list the most up-to-date free betting offers. Many of these also feature reviews of the different offers and overall functionality and features of the sites. Before you choose a site, be certain that online betting service offers the types of betting that you are interested in. While there are many sites that generalize, offering a wide variety of betting options, others specialize in different areas, such as horse racing or professional sports.

2) After you have located a free betting offer that you are interested in, either on your own or through a free bet review site, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Be sure to read the site’s privacy policies before you give personal information. Most sites offer you a choice as to whether you prefer to receive emails with special offers or not.

3) If you are required to deposit a certain amount of money, or to place a paid bet before you receive your free bet credit, you will be able to do this after registering. Generally, you depost funds with your debit or credit card and then run a tab, deducting your bets from this amount.

4) Many of the free bet offers come from online bookies who will match the value of your first paid bet, with a free bet worth the same amount of money. They will credit your account, and you can use that free bet, up to the value of your first paid bet, at any time.

5) All that is left to do, is to make your free bet, using either the promotional code or a direct link to free betting options.

Remember, that there is no legal reason that you cannot take advantage of more than one free betting offer, provided you are following the rules set forth by each individual website. Checking free betting review websites regularly is a good way to keep up to date on the best and latest offers for free betting. In fact, there are certain offers that can only be accessed through direct links from free betting review sites.

Betting has become an increasingly popular hobby over the past several years, in large part because of the ease of placing bets online. Additionally, there is plentiful information available to teach you the basics of betting – everything from understanding odds to how payouts work. All in all, free betting is a great way to boost your online betting capacity, allowing you to spread your money over more events, or bet on something new just for the fun of it!